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Hairs and leaves

Cartoon Hair and Leaves

Cartoon Hair and Leaves

Cartoon Hair and Leaves

Inspired by life, obviously


Emerging writer

submerging XS


‘S been a while.

When I was watering my balcony plants some water was impatient to get out and it got onto the draft of this. Hence the bloomin’ wavy look.
I tried to fix this but I suppose the only way to actually make nice looking cartoons is to switch to the digital tools, which I don’t have, so .

The Butterfly Effect

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 18.11.45

I am sorry. This isn’t very funny. And it’s not even in colour!

Anyway, I am busy shovelling compost in Wales, so unfortunately I have less and less time to create content for you to enjoy during your fikas. I will try to make something, but I can’t promise it’ll reach you anytime soon.

Greetings from the Rainy Land!