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Throwback Thursday, Christmas edition

It’s the 21st December. Christmas is a few days away and you cannot deny it.

Could we please look back at Allegro’s last year’s Christmas advert?

Every Autumn we get sick of omnipresent festive twists on advertising, but there is one thing everyone is waiting for – a John Lewis Christmas advert. JL was always a certain winner, but since last year there is another runner up for the prize for the most tear-jerking TV clip. In Autumn 216 Allegro, a Polish counterpart of Amazon, treated us with this gem. And like John Lewis uses no words, you don’t need to speak Polish to understand this advert – just a few simple English words.


The video quickly went viral not because of fancy Christmas lights or strippers. It shows us why we are so in love with things.

Things are there to open up new possibilities. Got a piano? Play the piano. Got a mug? Make a nice cup of tea and sit by the window, admiring the design and listening to the sound of the rain.

English textbook? Get down to work and learn the language to speak to your son’s family.  Make memories. Don’t focus on the stuff.



The path well less trodden


The path well less trodden [than Arthur’s Seat] is Calton Hill.
It’s a world heritage site like Machu Picchu, but there isn’t a leavers’ hoodie in sight.


Quote by Robin and Partridge // Calton Hill // found in Secret Edinburgh. A Comedians’ Guide to the City by T. Clark and A. Mickel, 2013 edition.