A thing about birthday

A thing about birthday is that it likes to happen. every. year.

If you can’t read Polish, the title of this post is a reference to the first koterravita post: “Rzecz o urodzinach”. Rzecz–thing, o–about, urodziny–birthday.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 11.27.08

Credits for all the cakes go to my mum. (As you can see, I do like chocolate cake).



Throwback Thursday, Christmas edition

It’s the 21st December. Christmas is a few days away and you cannot deny it.

Could we please look back at Allegro’s last year’s Christmas advert?

Every Autumn we get sick of omnipresent festive twists on advertising, but there is one thing everyone is waiting for – a John Lewis Christmas advert. JL was always a certain winner, but since last year there is another runner up for the prize for the most tear-jerking TV clip. In Autumn 216 Allegro, a Polish counterpart of Amazon, treated us with this gem. And like John Lewis uses no words, you don’t need to speak Polish to understand this advert – just a few simple English words.


The video quickly went viral not because of fancy Christmas lights or strippers. It shows us why we are so in love with things.

Things are there to open up new possibilities. Got a piano? Play the piano. Got a mug? Make a nice cup of tea and sit by the window, admiring the design and listening to the sound of the rain.

English textbook? Get down to work and learn the language to speak to your son’s family.  Make memories. Don’t focus on the stuff.


Winter in Poland

winter in poland

The drawing speaks for itself. Or if it doesn’t, here are a few quick facts:

  • 33 out of 50 European cities with most severe air pollution are in Poland.
  • 48 thousand people in Poland die prematurely every year from diseases linked to air pollution.
  • In December 2017 air quality in Warsaw was worse than in Beijing.

If Polish government wanted Poland to become Europe’s capital, it achieved its goal – it became Europe’s capital of smog. Not sure it should stay this way…

The main reasons behind Poland’s insanely high air pollution levels are low-stack emissions – according to data, 70% of households burn low quality coal and rubbish to heat their homes. State investments in unprofitable coal mines don’t cease.

Show of hands, please: who else thinks that Poland should change its environmental policy?

Comment below!

raised hands

Sources: Polish Smog Alert  & Financial Times

My dream came true!

How does one become a writer?

Simply. You just write. And let others read it.

I’ve done it. So why do I keep on looking myself just critically, thinking I could be doing this… I could do this in the future… I am worth nothing.

am worth something. I’ve achieved something so far. I write and I let others read it.

Whether anyone reads it, it’s a different matter. But you need to start with the Publish button.

I’ve hit it dozens of times. Perhaps one day it will pay off.

And I will get paid for something I write. And writing becomes a career, not just a hobby.

What can I expect now? I’m not even 20. I should get a degree first, then talk about “careers”.


I do realise that my previous post may not have been very specific. You probably ask yourselves: “what the hell is she talking about?”

I know. If only I had an idea about what I actually want.

So I’ll try again. I’ll try to put in words why I feel the way I feel (i.e. at the very bottom of the jar called Life, where getting to the lid is the achievement of ultimate happiness) and what I want to do to stop feeling this way.

I feel shit. I feel shit because I dropped out of uni, and yes I do know I can come back there next year, but I am not even sure if I want to. I am going to continue higher education, but I don’t know at which institution. Yet, if I want to change it, I have to start working on my Personal Statement now and request a reference from my tutor now.

I know, doable. But writing a Personal Statement is hell already even if you don’t have a thunderstorm in your mind.

I feel shit because I realised that I have friends in Edinburgh. But I have friends in Yorkshire, too. And I have friends in Poland, although when it comes to Poland they are dotted all around the country. And I want to spend time with my friends. But I always have to find a compromise. Can’t be with all of them simultaneously.

I think that social media should finally let us forget people we can no longer spend time with.

But it won’t.

I feel shit because I met a nice person but I am not good enough to be friends with him because of my problems. I would only bring him down.

I feel shit because I can no longer do stuff that I like to do.

What do I like to do, though?

At the moment, nothing. Nothing really brings me joy. Writing is kind of a relief, but it won’t get me anywhere.

…or will it?

This is yet to be seen, I suppose. Sometimes I tell myself: hey, J.K. Rowling was depressed to, and now she’s on the top of the world.

She worked really hard to create something amazing, though. I am not hard working. I am just dumb. I quit university. She didn’t. She had a baby, I don’t, so what’s my problem? I live with my parents and I don’t even have to cook for myself.

So what’s my problem?

Maybe the lack of challenge. And homesickness, for sure. But I miss the other home. The home I made for myself somewhere else. Somewhere that my fate brought me to.

Or is there no fate? But if there is no fate, there’s no point in life, I believe. I mean: we are born and we die, where’s the point in that? We must be created for some greater purpose.

…so what am I going to do?